How Sweet it is: Wine Industry Owes Sweet Wine Drinkers HUGE Apology!

Prefer off-dry and/or sweeter wines? Well it turns out that you may just have a more discriminating palate than others who prefer those drier alternatives.

Sweet Wine – Yum!

NAPA, Calif., Oct. 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A consumer study released today shows that physiology plays a major role in determining wine preferences and that White Zinfandel drinkers are often the most sensitive tasters shattering the myth about sweet wine consumers.

The study was conducted in conjunction with the Consumer Wine Awards at Lodi. Tim Hanni, Master of Wine and originator of the study, says, “We have uncovered a glaring error and misunderstandings by the wine industry that has led to the disenfranchisement of millions of consumers and a significant loss of market share to other beverages.”

The study reveals a major disparity between expert and industry opinions about wine quality and wine consumers. According to Dr. Virginia Utermohlen, M.D., Associate Professor at Cornell University, individual differences in taste and smell sensitivity relate to a number of different aspects of personality, personal preferences and behaviors – including wine choices. Utermohlen teamed up with Hanni and they developed a means of segmenting the wine market into four basic phenotypes based on physiological and behavioral criteria.

“My passion is…

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