About Me

If you want to know more, be sure to check out the links below too. They’ll tell you more than I can say — but here’s the quick version:

I have a vocation. Sales Engineer at Hughes Network Systems in the North America Enterprise Division. I also have an avocation. Winemaker. Concentrating on (but by no means limited to) vinifera wines made from grapes grown in the mid-Atlantic region.  I have been recognized for my efforts and successes in both areas of my life  and I find each area rewarding in its own way.  If you put stock in such things then, as a Gemini, I could be nothing else.  Torn between sensible and sensual.  Tech and art.  Simplicity and complexity.  Understand this and you will understand me…

It is my good fortune to be happily married to a wonderful woman who tolerates the

demands on my time that both of these “pastimes” make. I have black labrador named Sullivan (see the Bon Chiens tab) who insists that any time remaining after “the three W’s” be spent with him. Seriously, we’re a spread-thin family. Children are no longer an option for us and I suppose that’s something of a relief. 🙂

I read voraciously. Fiction and nonfiction. Even textbooks, just for fun. I prefer the

outdoors but tend to find myself inside most of the time. I’m always eager to travel (for pleasure) though I remain completely burned out from business travel for now. I consider myself pragmatic and creative but also impulsive and impatient. I’m good at seeing both sides of an argument and am not afraid to change my position to suit new data. I’m scientific but I’ll go with my gut as often as my head. On a Myers-Briggs type test I’m come out pretty flat with a strong “E” that my wife has been trying to help me learn to control. 🙂

If forced to choose to identify myself by a label (which I tend to resent but it’s what we’re reduced to in these quick blurbs) I guess I’d have to say that I’m pretty progressive. I’m certainly open-minded and I believe diversity is essential to the health and well-being of any society.  But we don’t live in a simple world and there are no simple answers to most important questions.  Though I always do my best to be civil, I have very little tolerance for blowhards and extremists of any ilk.  The same goes for close-minded people.  (Although, just as your body needs certain trace minerals to be healthy, they too have their place in society.)

I’m the oldest of six so I got away with murder growing up.  If you can name it you can probably find it on my iPod though I must confess I’m finally starting to fall behind.  Everything from Lecuona’s “Maleguena” to Kid Rock’s “Devil Without a Cause”.  From Joan Baez to The Chemical Brothers to Bruce Springsteen to Sarah Brightman.  Quick test…next up on the iPod is…Van Morrison’s “Real, Real, Gone”.

And that I am…  🙂


1 Response to About Me

  1. Colleen Bergeron says:

    Great time this weekend, and great pics via Bill. Look forward to seeing you guys in a couple weeks for some chili and wine!

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