Sustainability playing a role in restaurants | Nation’s Restaurant News

Wine is food too, right? (Well OK, maybe not a breakfast food.) But the next time you eat in a sit-down restaurant in Maryland check their wine list. If Maryland wines aren’t offered, ask the management “Why?” Tell them that “local” matters to you and then ask them to start carrying your favorites! 

Flavor trumps all when choosing what to put on restaurant menus, but chefs across the country said they have modified their practices over the past year with sustainability in mind, according to a new survey by the James Beard Foundation.

The New York-based foundation’s “Sustainability and the Foodservice Industry” survey is based on responses from 173 member chefs.

When asked what their top sustainability concern was, 73 percent of respondents said they were “highly concerned” about food sourcing; 62 percent pointed to profitability; and 62 percent said…

See the full article at Nation’s Restaurant News

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