Useful Tools and Links

The following links (in no particular order) have proven especially useful to me. Perhaps they can help you too!

General Information on Winemaking

  • Improved Winemaking — A comparatively small collection of articles, discussions and facts that I’ve found to be extremely useful.
  • Jack Keller’s site — It’s vo-lu-mi-nous! 🙂
  • University of Maryland — Scholastic articles on Maryland Grapes, Fruits, and wine.
  • Virginia Tech — Scholastic articles and info on grape growing & winemaking; lab services, etc.
  • Iowa State University — A collection of useful publications and other info useful to any winemaker interested in learning more about the chemistry and processes of making wine.
  • Winemaker Magazine — Well of course!
  • — Go for the forums especially.

Tools & Calculators

  • Fermsoft — Both online and downloadable software to help you manage acids and sulfites, document processes, calculate conversions, etc. And best of all, most of it’s free!
  • URL #2
  • URL #3


  • The Flying Barrel — Serving mid-Maryland, the surrounding counties, and beyond!
  • Presque Isle — Chemicals, equipment, supplies, grapes, juices, and more…
  • MoreWine Professional — PI and MoreWinePro are my go-to sites when I’m unable to support my LHBS.
  • E.C. Kraus — Another comprehensive site. And shipping is included on orders over $25!

Fruit Sources

  • Pick Your Own — A list of Pick-Your-Own farms and markets nationwide…
  • MD Crush — Are you in or near central Maryland? If so, MD Crush is a great source for quality grapes and juice from all over the U.S. and South America. And the price is right too! Try it! You’ll like it!
  • Brehm Vineyards — Fresh and frozen grapes and juice. Absolutely outstanding quality. Impeccable. Seriously, you generally can do no better than Brehm. And — another plus — you can see the chemistry before you buy. But quality like this doesn’t come cheap…

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