2010 MD Governor’s Cup Results…

The 2010 Maryland Governor’s Cup results have been announced! Here are the Gold Medalists but you’ll need to click through to see the ‘Best of Class’ and ‘Best in Show’ results. (I’d hate to spoil the suspense you know! 😉

Gold Medalists
Black Ankle Vineyards • Crumbling Rock 2008
Black Ankle Vineyards • Rolling Hills 2008
Cygnus Wine Cellars • Blanc de Blanc 2008
Dove Valley Winery • Gold 2008
Fiore Winery • Apple-lucious
Fiore Winery • Sangiovese 2007
Knob Hall Winery • Chambourcin 2009
Knob Hall Winery • Rosé Reserve 2009
Knob Hall Winery • Semi-dry Rosé 2009
Little Ashby Vineyards • Cabernet Sauvignon 2007
Little Ashby Vineyards • Super Talbot 2007
Serpent Ridge Vineyard • Basilisk 2008
St. Michaels Winery • “Martha” Chambourcin 2008
St. Michaels Winery • St. Michaels White 2009
Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard • EVOE! 2007

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