Yes, we can…

Election 2008Here’s an interesting post off of by a spiritually and politically conservative blogger who calls Barack Obama “The Democrats’ Reagan”.

No matter who you support in the political process this year, I find it hard to believe anyone could find Obama’s South Carolina victory speech anything less than inspirational. It’s about 15 minutes long but if you’re as jaded and disappointed in the American political system as I am, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I, for one, have found the last 20 years of politics exhausting for the most part. So many people have subscribed to the fear mentality that Washington has built to bolster the status quo — fear of terrorists, fear of illegals, fear of a shaky economy, fear of diversity, fear of conservatives, fear of liberals — that the fear mindset will be difficult to shake off.

But not since King and Kennedy has anyone communicated as emotionally stirring a message of hope for the future as has Obama. Can he do it? Who knows. But at this point I’m inclined…no, eager…to meet the devil I don’t know. Because I know the other devil all too well…

And please folks, whatever your political bent, please, please participate in the debate…and then vote. Make no mistake, we’ll all be eating “Change” a year from now. Can we make that change be change for the better? I fervently hope the answer is “Yes, we can…”

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