If you look at this post by Amy Lillard, over on La Gramiere in my Blogroll, you’ll understand where this is coming from.

Wines really are a lot like your children in some ways. That is, they both are a product of nature and nurture, you make every effort to see that they turn out well and be all they can be, and you don’t really know how you did until years later when they make you proud (or profoundly disappoint you). And, of course, no matter how good or bad they turn out, you end up second-guessing yourself. If only I had done this differently or been more on top of that… Oh, if only I hadn’t had to go on that business trip I wouldn’t have had to miss that birthday party (or leave the wine on the gross lees a week longer than I had intended) and now…my baby…my baby is scarred for life. Etc., etc…

So I was really pleased to get some validation on my 2006 Chardonnay at the Frederick County Fair and the Maryland State Fair this year. A 1st Place ribbon from Frederick in the “Grape Wines, Dry, White” category and a 2nd Place ribbon from Maryland in the “Maryland Grapes, White” category. Because sometimes it’s easy to overlook faults in your own wines. (Or children, or pets for that matter. ๐Ÿ™‚ After all, you “grew up” with them and over time you develop certain calluses to their rough edges and other flaws.

So when someone compliments your child on his manners, or her poise, you get a nice warm feeling that maybe you did alright. Maybe the things you did right outweigh the things you did wrong. (Was it a Mondavi or a Rothchild that, to paraphrase, said “Wine is perfect while it’s still locked in the grape. Our job it to release it with as little damage as possible”. Or something like that…) Maybe…

It’s only a year old. It’s still a bit green. And the oak is just a bit too forward. But it’s an adult now. It’s in the bottle and, for all practical purposes, it’s “out on it’s own”. I’ve set the trajectory of it’s life for better or for worse. And only time will tell. If I think it’s showing nicely in the spring, maybe I’ll send it over to Winemaker Magazine’s national amatuer competition. After all, I think it’s a lovely wine. ๐Ÿ™‚

Make me proud, baby…

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