My Newest Labels…

Formal CBC labelWow, I’m incredibly far behind on this blog and there’s so much to tell!  The 2007 harvest is over and the wine is well on its way to becoming what it will be.  But that’s all for another day.

For now, here’s your chance to comment my newest labels.  Only one shows the octagonal gold-leaf border but both are landscape8.jpgprinted on the same stock.  One is more casual, the other more formal.  Should I stick with one or use both?  I was thinking of using the one on the left for my “formal” wines (Cabs, Merlots, Chards, etc.) and the one on the right on my fruit wines. (Blueberry, apple, peach, mulberry, etc.) But maybe you have a better idea or alternative…

Have an opinion? Please leave a comment!!


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