…are mostly taking place on the other pages of this blog at the moment. Sorry about the lack of “formal” posts lately. I want to get the infrastructure down first to make future updates quicker and easier. Thanks for your patience!

What to watch for? Well, for one thing, wineberries are coming in the first part of July. We’ll be making a trip to Paw-Paw, West Virginia, with friends to visit Wineberriesa special stretch of land where you can supposedly pick a 5-gallon pail full in 2 or 3 hours. Watch for pics and a write-up on that experience for sure!

Also, notice the new Bon Chiens tab above. If you have a good dog would like to represent him/her here, send me his/her pic (or a link to it) and a brief write up. I’ll see that it happens…

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